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Мозг (лекарственная смесь) -

500 руб.
Производитель: ООО "Аль-Марва"

Мозг - питает клетки головного мозга, улучшая его работу, способствует его улучшению памяти и концентрации внимания.
<br/?>Вес: 200 гр.

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I have only been quilting about 5 years and I primarily do applique (needleturn). I have pieced quilts and given them as gifts, but I usually spend my time doing applique. I also love old-fashioned hand embroidery. I wonl1uRd7;t know how to rate myself but I can tackle almost anything at this point.
Boston, 31.05.2016
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Eldora, 31.05.2016
Isnt she just the sweetest, tiniest thing? I can see how not being able to cuddle her would be hekanbrearitg. And I just love the idea of naming the giraffe after such a thoughtful, baby-knowing nurse.Sending all sorts of love and good thoughts to friends from MT. And Ill go see about a few dollars, too.
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